Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The world makes no sense

   Why is it that it seems the things we want are the hardest to get? Is the reason we want them so bad because we know they are so difficult to obtain...Is it the challenge that we crave? It's funny how it feels like I get too much of what I do not want, but the one thing that I do want... I can't get. I can't even touch. I think that is the way it goes. Maybe it just happens that way because what we desire now- is not what we will desire in the long run. So maybe it is just worth the wait. Worth the pain. Worth the urge to do something that you know is impossible- at least impossible for now. No matter what, we will always want more than what we have. And want something different than we got.


  1. When you work hard for things it makes you appreciate it more.

  2. I know the feeling. Ive been going through the same thing. Sometimes you have to be just willing to open your eyes more and let new things flow in.