Friday, April 22, 2011

Wider than the ocean

Doma leather jacket. Random tank. Free People jeans and feather necklace
  Awesomest jeans EVER paired with my favorite jacket... The red car behind me is annoying now that I look back at the pictures. I wish I would have noticed it when I was actually taking the pictures. I was having an awful hair day. Went jogging early in the morning and jumped in the shower, threw on some clothes in a rush because I had to pick my sister up from the airport. She is visiting me from Michigan for a week :-). My hair was so swollen lol from running... the curls are fighting to come back out! I wont let them!!


  1. im so upset you didnt add me on facebook :(

  2. Beautiful wide legs! Those are perfect for the summer!


  3. Wow, your pants are absolutely fantastic, I love wide leg pants .... the jeans is so crazy and with the short jacket totally trendy .... they pull asy as often as it goes