Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I can see right through you

Free People rings. Lucky Brand-earrings, bracelets & necklace. Collectioneighteen scarf. Jeffrey Campbell clog
   Today I was playing around with my camera and using the self-timer which I had never used before.  I really like the way the pictures came out. I haven't really been posting as often as before because I was working for insane hours AND I did not really have anyone to take pictures for me (which is a shame because I got a lot of new goodies). So, I am definitely going to start using this self-timer more.
    Ok, now to these Jeffrey Campbell Charli-C clogs.... Sooooo freakin; cute. I have always had a thing for clogs and I just adore JC, but I recently bought these shoes from eBay... OMG they killed my feet the first day I wore them. Which is surprising because clogs are always very comfortable. The heels were were comfortable, but the front part where my toes are felt crammed and some of my skin on my poor little toes were scrapped off after walking around the mall for 40 minutes! (Don't worry, my toes are heeling now haha)I was in pain limping back to my car. Ahh, I was very disappointed. They are so cute though. Mom said that I should just by the Dr. Scholls cushions for the from of my feet, but I don't know. A little sad about them :-(


  1. sorry to hear the shoes weren't very comfy. i just bought a pair of leopard pumps that i've been dying to have, but they aren't too comfy either.


  2. Those are some nice shoes.

  3. I have the same shoes and the same thing happened to me. Put a foot petal in the ball of the foot area and they will feel a million times better because it prevents your foot from sliding forward. Good luck!