Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ain't no sunshine when she's gone

Doma leather jacket. Scarf gifted by my mom. Target maxi skirt. Jeffrey Campbell boots. Final Touch shirt.
Lucky Brand necklace and bracelets. Free People rings
   Today I was wearing my new Doma jacket which I have been dying for forever since I first saw it on the Free People website. It is perfect. I love the vintage look it it is super soft and comfortable. This is just a really comfortable outfit. The scarf/sarong is something that my mom sent me almost a year ago. I am pretty sure she got it while vacationing. I love the colors.
     It is pretty dark today. Was sprinkling earlier. I am going to an interview later and this is what I'm wearing! I wasn't sure at first if this was appropriate, but my mom says it is fine considering what type of job this is. Times HAVE changed. I have been wanting more arm candy, but cannot seem to find the right ones that will "flow" with my other bracelets. I have been checking out the new stuff at Free People. Hmm... lets see if I find anything there later when I check out the store.


  1. nice outfit! what job are you applying for? that scarf adds a nice pop of color to your outfit. lol, i always have trouble finding jewelry to pile on so it meshes well. good luck at your interview!

    Beneath the Glass

  2. Is the Jacket leather? I like it and the scarf is very nice and colorful, did you get the job?

  3. Oh, I have that jacket! Love it- you'll end up wearing it nonstop. Beautiful outfit- and if you're looking for bracelets, Ebay is a wonderland if you can be super patient!