Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fringe is my thing

Gypsy 05 fringe vest, L Space fringe swim suit, Unknown fringe purse carried by Kate Hudson
Ahh, these are a few things that have been on my want list for too long now. First, I think this fringe vest by Gypsy 05 is just perfect. Would look great over anything... maybe even with nothing else on lol. Second, the L*Space fringe swim suit is just sooo hott. I will have to be getting this by the time it is beach time. Third, Kate Hudson always carries the best fringe purses. She is such a hippie and I just love her. The red is amazing...   I want. I want. I want!!!!


  1. I like the swim suit too, I would so wear it

  2. Amazing how a little bit of fringing instantly makes an outfit look so much cooler!

  3. totally love the fringe-style!!! cute blog! xoxo Saskia

  4. I want Kates bag!!