Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Persia White- Style Inspiration

   Persia White is best known from the show "Girlfriends" that aired from 2000-2008. I have always loved, Persia. Not only is she an actress, but a singer as well. Check out her website- Persia White. Before I moved to the Los Angeles area I imagined having friends like the ones off the show "Girlfriends" and living that busy city life. Persia seems like the kind of chick I would like to hang out with. She has a great exotic look, eclectic, she is talented, and great style on the show and off. I was often said to remind people of her so I took that as a compliment --hehe. LOVE her tattoos. So hott! She was the one that actually inspired me to get my tattoo up my spine- So thanks, Persia... You rock!!!

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