Sunday, February 27, 2011

All of my life... Where have you been??

Free People- top. Xhileration-skirt. Lucky Brand- scarf, purse earrings & necklace,
Vintage rings. Hat is unknown. Mr Kate-ear cuffs. Ray Ban- sunglasses.  Steve Madden-boots
      Fairfax flea market today. Snapped a few photos there. Very comfortable gear. The weather has been strange. It was kind of cold earlier so I wore a jacket, but when I was driving to Hollywood I got hot. So I took it off and left it in the car. I think it was actually perfect weather for this kind of walking. Thank God the sun was not beaming.
    The cool thing about Hollywood is the eclectic mix of people- especially on Melrose (as you can see on picture 2). Check out his shoes. He is coordinated... in some way. After the flea market we went to walk on Melrose. Checked out some vintage stores. I was searching for the perfect lace maxi skirt. I bought the perfect one at a store, but I don't remember the name of it. I think the people in that store will know me by name soon.
   The way that I know that I am a shopaholic is that when I go shopping and I know I am spending too much OR when I am buying something too similar to something I already have...I get home and start posting things that I own on eBay to buy something else another day. Something that I cannot get my mind off. I have a fear of being a hoarder. Its that darn A&E show called "Hoarders". I am posting up 2 rings, a necklace some cheetah leggings, and a skirt right now.

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  1. looks like such a fun day! love the outfit you chose :) that skirt is awesome and so trendy!