Saturday, April 30, 2011

It's not ALL true

Junkfood t-shirt. Forever 21 shorts. Lucky Brand- clogs, necklace, bracelets, Free People & vintage rings


311- Amber

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Butter pecan skin

Hinge jean vest. We the Free lace top. Mossimo shorts. Lucky Brand bag.
Zigi Girl- shoes. Free People feather necklace. Urban Outfitters- arm cuff  
   I have been just really happy about these shoes that I got from Wasteland for super cheap! They are actually very comfortable. I was thinking about getting the Jeffrey Campbell platforms that look identical, but I was afraid that they would not be comfortable (bad experience from the JC Charli-C clogs). These Zigi Girls are awesome. I think I will get some in black also. Today when I was wearing them I was nnoticing that they are almost the same color as my skin lol. So I am sure from a distance it looks like I am floating in the air. Went to the beach 3 times this week. So I am more tanned than usual I think. Which is awesome. I look Brazilian haha...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's not like that...not at all

Lucky Brand top, belt, bangles and purse. Stamp 182 bracelet. American Rag jeans. Free People feather earrings.
Doma leather jacket. Ray Ban sunglasses. Coleman camp fuel in hand lol

       Was hanging with my sister in Studio City just to check out the Urban Outfitters on Ventura Blvd. Really just wanted to go to Big 5 to get some Coleman Camp fuel... lol, that sounds really odd- just needed it for fire eating (I will post a video soon). Really love this top, I cut it a little shorter when I got it a couple years ago.Thought it would a little different from the one in yellow that I also got exactly the same. I find myself really into t-shirts lately which is funny because I can remember a time when I refused to wear them... I even hated that they made me wear them in gym class.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Friday, April 22, 2011

Wider than the ocean

Doma leather jacket. Random tank. Free People jeans and feather necklace
  Awesomest jeans EVER paired with my favorite jacket... The red car behind me is annoying now that I look back at the pictures. I wish I would have noticed it when I was actually taking the pictures. I was having an awful hair day. Went jogging early in the morning and jumped in the shower, threw on some clothes in a rush because I had to pick my sister up from the airport. She is visiting me from Michigan for a week :-). My hair was so swollen lol from running... the curls are fighting to come back out! I wont let them!!

What's going on??

Love this song... They are awesome

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I'm a pirate

I took both of these photos as you can see while I was in the car... Not only was I in the car, but I was actually driving! I would say that is serious talent.  should put that on my resume "can take photos of self while car is in motion" First picture is of a couple of weeks ago. Went to Venice beach with a friend and we decided to get henna tattoos. I always wanted one of these on my hands, had one before around my belly button when i was considering getting a tattoo of a sun there  ... It was fresh and you can see on the picture that I hadn't even washed it off yet because the paste was still flaking. The guy that did it said that it would last for like 2 weeks... NO, it lasted maybe a week max. Well, it was still pretty awesome to have. I will be getting another one soon. Now, my Ray b Ban aviaters... love them. I have these in like 4 different colors. i know i need to expand my shade collection, but these are classics. need some hippy shades. im doing these post from my phone so i am a little nervous about how it will turn out... we shall see, matey

Monday, April 18, 2011


                                  Cut 'n Paste fringe bag. Pic from Free People Can we say "perfect"?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Amour perdu

I Love H81- t-shirt. Forever 21-short. Lucky Brand earrings, bracelets and purse.
 Mr Kate-ear cuffs. Free People rings. Xhileration- fringe flip flops

  First, I must say that I could not resist taking the picture of the "Head in first". It was in the parking lot. Grabbing some grub in Burbank. Long day- went to the flea market and went thrift shopping with some pals but did not take any pictures while we were there. I don't know why. Fun fun fun...

Saturday, April 16, 2011

"Shampoo my locks"

                                                  Damien Marley- Beautiful. He is so cool

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dream car #1... and maybe #2??

'66 Ford Mustang coupe, '67 Mustang convertible

    My dream car! I have been obsessing over the '66 and '67 mustangs since I was a kid. They are just sooo sexy. I just can't decide whether I need the coupe or the convertible... I guess I will just have to get both!

Pretty pretty please...

                                              I need this Free People skirt... In every color that exist

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The world makes no sense

   Why is it that it seems the things we want are the hardest to get? Is the reason we want them so bad because we know they are so difficult to obtain...Is it the challenge that we crave? It's funny how it feels like I get too much of what I do not want, but the one thing that I do want... I can't get. I can't even touch. I think that is the way it goes. Maybe it just happens that way because what we desire now- is not what we will desire in the long run. So maybe it is just worth the wait. Worth the pain. Worth the urge to do something that you know is impossible- at least impossible for now. No matter what, we will always want more than what we have. And want something different than we got.

Beau and Aero

Beautiful pieces from Jesssica Seaton. You can find them here Beau and Aero. Brandon Boyd (lead singer of Incubus) is shown wearing a few pieces of their jewelry. Truely unique