Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I'm a pirate

I took both of these photos as you can see while I was in the car... Not only was I in the car, but I was actually driving! I would say that is serious talent.  should put that on my resume "can take photos of self while car is in motion" First picture is of a couple of weeks ago. Went to Venice beach with a friend and we decided to get henna tattoos. I always wanted one of these on my hands, had one before around my belly button when i was considering getting a tattoo of a sun there  ... It was fresh and you can see on the picture that I hadn't even washed it off yet because the paste was still flaking. The guy that did it said that it would last for like 2 weeks... NO, it lasted maybe a week max. Well, it was still pretty awesome to have. I will be getting another one soon. Now, my Ray b Ban aviaters... love them. I have these in like 4 different colors. i know i need to expand my shade collection, but these are classics. need some hippy shades. im doing these post from my phone so i am a little nervous about how it will turn out... we shall see, matey

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