Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Help me

"As Is" t-shirts. Forever 21 shorts. Target long socks. Steve Madden boots.
  Ever wanted two things that are just insanely similar? Well, that is what was happening today. In the store Slow on Melrose. Love these t-shirts and have been wanting to get them forever, but just cannot decide on the light gray or the dark gray. lol, such a stupid problem. I have this bad habit of getting 2 of the same thing and I need to stop that. So, I refuse to buy one until I decide. I am leaning more towards the dark gray one. It makes the design pop more. I looove native prints. Well, anything Native American. Sorry for the blurry pictures. They were taken by phone. I love how the top of the second picture says "limit 3 items" when I had like 10 in there with me. The workers could care less. Thats my kind of place


  1. dk grey ,for sure. looks way better on you!

  2. I vote gray! :)
    We follow if you follow :D

  3. sadly - i would buy them both! plus they are both fab and im sure you would wear them



  4. ehh i kind of love the light grey....might be better for summer?? hmmm who knows i have the same problem..its sad! ha ha