Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How dare ye!!

      I got this skirt a few years ago when I lived in Atlanta, GA at Little 5 Points in a store that made me feel like I was in another country every time I walked in it. Forgot the name of it, but I'm pretty sure I remember it closing. Sucks. Love the Christmas colors it has. My top is also a few years old... I think it's American Rag. Lucky Brand fringe purse that I am trying to actually sell on eBay. I sometimes get over things so easy. Its funny because i am selling this fringe purse to buy a purse with even MORE fringe on it. It would be too strange to have 2 purses so similar.
   My main focus is my Lucky Brand platform clogs that my mom gave me for Christmas. They made me really tall. I'm only 5'4, but when i wear them I feel like a giant. So, I would say they make me about 5'9. I have too many platforms in my closet. That's just about the only types of heels I have been buying the pass... 3-4 years. Which is odd because I actually want to be shorter. Oh, and the last picture is my favorite rings at the moment. The only one that I can say I did NOT get from the flea market is the 3 stone ring which is from Free People. That's my favorite one.

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