Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!!!

My mom and I on Easter. She always had me dressed up like a doll. I think this was my first Easter.
Wow, Mom, everything on me was ruffles- from my head to toe! Our hair even matched!

Christmas with mommy. As you can tell we both just woke up! Look at our hair lol. Mom has always been conserned with giving me too much for Christmas. She is the reason I am a spoiled brat. Love you mom! Wish you weren't so far away....

I love you MOM! Just so you know that last picture...the "you" picture was a Prince move- hence the hand behind my head lol.

I want to thank you mom for always being there for me, teaching me how to be independent, making sure I know how important my education is, telling me uniqueness is great, to be strong...
Thank you mom for my creating my personality (I have so much of you in me- more than I like to admit sometimes), thank you for all the genes that I got from you; my eyes, nose, lips...and my whole face! Thank you for my hands and my feet and my legs, for my broad shoulders and my curves! Yeah baby!
Thank you mom for my sense of fashion, for my creative side, for my imagination, for my urge to learn more- about people, their cultures and everything else. Thank you, mom, for exposing me to a variety of music at such a young age. Thank you for teaching me to not be prejudice against anyone. Thank you for kicking my ass when you saw an ugly side of me trying to come out.Thank you for encouraging me to travel, to try new things like food and open myself up to all types of people. Thank you for everything that you have taught me and continue to teach me daily- even when you think I don't want to hear it, I still hear you. Thank you for being patient with me to this day. I am trying. Promise  I am working on buying your houses so you can be everywhere I am :-) Thank you for being my mom. I love you!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! You and your mom are gorgeous! Hope you had a fantastic Mother's Day with your mama :)

    Stop by again soon! xoxo!