Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Oh baby!

Bacio 61 Pandino heels. First saw them on Free People ,but it sold out. So I searched online and found them in this color and two other colors here

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  1. I agree with you they are gorgeous... but I will tell you from experience the ankle strap is way too delicate for the weightiness and un-bendingness of the shoe and pulls against the ankle when you walk.

    For $175.00 not only did I get a gorgeous pair of shoes I can never wear again... I had friction burns and blisters around my ankles after a few hours of strolling through a gorgeous outside mall in Miami!

    I was on a first date and wore them with a long gauzy skirt so I had to play it off. I really have no idea how much I could have liked this guy, because I was so misereable and cranky in pain...I could not wait to get home. I guess I may have lost more than 175 bucks!